The Information Section is a section under the Center for Knowledge, Communication & Technology (PPKT) Health Campus. The main service of the Information Section is developing, maintaining and providing service assistance for applications in USM Health Campus whether developed by PPKT Health Campus or PPKT Main Campus and Engineering Campus. All staff members in the Application Section are involved with development, maintenance and application service assistance at all times.


The Information Section of PPKT is responsible in providing development, maintenance and main application services to the campus in order to support teaching and learning, research and innovation, administrative productivity and management as well as health services for Hospital USM. This section also oversees the preparation of integrated data in order to ensure that the information is stored integratedly and can be easily and quickly accessed.


  • Development of Application (New SMU and HIS)
  • Maintenance of Application (Existing SMU and HIS)
  • Application Assistant Services


  • PPKT :           Center for Knowledge, Communication and Technology  (Pusat Pengetahuan Komunikasi & Teknologi)
  • SD :               ServiceDesk (ServisDesk)
  • PTJ :              Centers of Responsibility  (Pusat Tanggungjawab)       
  • SMU :            University Information System (Sistem Maklumat Universiti)
  • HIS :              Hospital Information System


The Information Section provides the following services;

  1. Managing requests for applications or new modules from Centers of Responsibiity (PTJ) in Health Campus which are applied through Service Desk (SD).
  2. Managing requests for maintenance on newly developed applications involving errors in programming codes, data inaccuracy,additional display information, data entry cancelation and the level of access to applications.
  3. Providing application services assistance especially support on the applications developed by the Main or the Engineering Campus.


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