The Infostructure Section is a section under the Centerfor Knowledge, Communication & Technology (PPKT). The main service of the Infostructure Section is to manage, maintain and provide technical assistance to the networking system, ICT safety, telecommunication, data center and database in Health Campus.


  • To assist the Deputy Director & PPKT management in implementing the ICT principles and strategic planning of PPKT
  • To prepare and manage the networking and telecommunication system as a whole which includes installation and technical support
  • To coordinate video conference system in terms of technical operations and support
  • To manage and regulate the on and off campus networking and Internet system Bertanggungjawab membuat hebahan dan makluman sekiranya terdapat ancaman yang berisiko menyebabkan gangguan terhadap keselamatan ICT, telekomunikasi, sistem pengoperasian dan sistem aplikasi di USM Kampus Kesihatan.
  • Design strategies in the management of data center operation as a whole
  • Ensure the smooth flowing of networking, telecommunication and data center operating system services to support the administrative operations of Centers for Responsbility, HUSM services as well as teaching and learning in Health Campus.


Networking Systems

  • Managing the DNS records for KK.USM.MY
  • Managing the static IP division and DHCP.
  • Managing network equipment configuration
  • Designing network routing for Health Campus
  • Provide access to the MYREN Network and 1Gov*Net.
  • Provide safe access for off campus users to the USMNet network by using VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • To observe the level of usage, preparedness of every equipment and network through the NAGIOS report
  • Managing the user and Health Campus WIFI configuration (WIFI Controller)
  • Managing the WIFI coverage in Health Campus
  • Periodical observation of the level of usage and preparedness of equipment and WIFI coverage
  • The Prime and WISM report.

ICT Safety

  • Managing the installation, updates as well as ESET antivirus configuration
  • Preparing and Managing Anti-Spam Solution with the help of ICT Safety Unit in Main Campus
  • Identify the level of ICT safety through the report by Forti Analyzer and Baracuda Spam Gateway.


  • Provide and manage Telephone Infrastructure
  • Manage Videoconference
  • Manage phone numbers including allocation of extension numbers, category of numbers updates, transfer of numbers following applicant’s location, hunting, diversion and termination of telephone numbers.

Data Center Operations

  • Provide safe access to off campus users to the USMNet network through hosting services for servers, safety of equipments, communication, application and integration of network following the fixed specification via Server Hosting.
  • Prepare and standardize disaster recovery planning services for each responsibled server.
  • Coordinate and manage Baseline Security characteristics
  • Provide consultation and technical support related to the server computer
  • Ensures the operations and Data Center facilities operate smoothly 24 x 7 and 365 days.
  • Investigate and plan ICT infrastructure needs for operating system, equipments and software.
  • Supervise and implement the Data Center operations procedure in order to ensure that the Data Center operation is clear and adhered and carried out smoothly.
  • Prepare and update documentations and perform an inventory audit on equipments.
  • Investigate and analyze users’ needs in terms of current technology.

Database Management

  • Prepare database, manage, observe and improve in terms of safety, capacity, backup & recovery and database replication.
  • Prepare Database needs based on MSSQL and MySQL for application.
  • Prepare storage, management and observation and improvement in terms if safety, capacity and storage continuity.
  • Plan, investigate and perform user needs analysis in terms of recovery from disasters and implement disaster recovery planning to ensure other operating systems operate with minimal disruptions.
  • Investigates and performs user needs analysis in terms of current technology.

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