The Office of the Deputy Director (PTP) of Centre for Knowledge, Communication and Technology is a special unit established & responsible in helping the Deputy Director to manage, observe and supervise the strategic planning as well as the directions of PPKT in the aspect of management & administration for PPKT apart from supporting the aspects of teaching and learning alongside human development.


  • To assist the Deputy Director and the management of PPKT in implementing the principles and strategic planning of ICT for PPKT
  • Administration Management & Human Resource
  • Financial Management & Inventory Control
  • PPKT Corporate Image Management
  • PPKT Mobility Committee Management
  • Academic Support Management & E-Learning (Teaching & Learning)
  • Management of Human Capital Training and Development


  • Management of staff related to posts, administration and services
  • Planning, managing and coordinating annual budget in accordance to the needs of departments and university as well as managing PPKT income based on the approval of the allocated budget
  • Planning and executing internal and external relations activities, channeling information as well as PPKT image and identity management towards excellence
  • Planning and coordinating PPKT income generating consultation activities under the NEGOPPKT Committee
  • Planning, coordinating & managing PPKT official activities
  • Management of PPKT Corporate Image & Customer Service
  • Coordinating, supervising, observing and providng academic support technically to Health Campus E-Learning
  • Be responsible in planning, coordinating, analyzing, organizing and carrying out continuous improvement through courses and training to PPKT and Health Campus staff.


Pusat Pengetahuan Komunikasi & Teknologi (PPKT)
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